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What is the tool for?

The TapeTech EasyClean® Automatic Taper allows you to simultaneously apply paper tape and jointing compound to the walls, ceilings and corners of any drywall joint.

How will it help?

Using the TapeTech Automatic Taper is 45% faster than taping by hand, which saves time as well as money.

It automatically applies the right amount of compound and is a simple way of ensuring you get consistent results. This makes it easier for less experienced drywall liners to produce high quality results.

The ergonomic design also means you are less likely to suffer from muscle fatigue and strain.

How does it work?


To use the automatic taper, follow these steps:

  • Install the tape.
  • Fill the automatic taper with joint compound using the EasyClean® Loading Pump and the gooseneck assembly.
  • Hold the automatic taper with one hand on the control tube and the other at the bottom of the mud tube.
  • Apply the tape by rolling the taper along the drywall joints. Start by taping the butt joints first, then tape the sidewall and ceiling flat joints.

For more details, please refer to the operating manual.

Why choose the TapeTech EasyClean Automatic Taper?

  • Adjustable braking system allows you to set the tension to suit your needs.
  • EasyClean® cover plate can be quickly removed for easy cleaning and repair.
  • Ergonomically designed control tube provides a comfortable grip and protects your hands.
  • Integrated hook can be used to hang it up on frames or scaffolding when not in use.
  • Stainless steel side plates prevent corrosion which gives the tool a long lifespan.
  • An industry leading five year limited warranty.

What should I consider when choosing my automatic taper?

When you regularly use a tool like an automatic taper, you want to choose a dependable brand.

TapeTech is an industry leading brand and their automatic taper comes with a five year limited warranty.

What else will I need?

Tape –  The automatic taper uses tape that is 2 1/16” to 2 ?” (52-54 mm) wide.

A Loading Pump – Use this to quickly and easily load the automatic taper.

Tapetech Gooseneck Adapter – Attach this to the loading pump to fill the automatic taper.

Tapetech Standard Finishing Box – Finishes taped joints, automatically dispenses the right amount of joint compound and feathers the edges in one pass.

Taper Repair Kit – This contains commonly used spare parts and accessories.  

How should I care for my automatic taper?

Wash the automatic taper with a brush and water, or using a hose pipe, after each use.

Make sure all the joint compound is flushed from under the cover plate and the tape advance mechanism.

Finish by lightly oiling all the wear points using Ames® Bazooka® Oil or any light machine oil.

Replacing worn out parts will also help your automatic taper to last longer. We have a repairs shop where we can fix any damaged parts.

Alternatively, you can use our servicing package where one of our trained professionals will replace any worn parts and professionally clean your taper.

How long will it last?

Keeping your tool well maintained is the key to making it last. TapeTech’s automatic tapers can easily last for several years when they are well looked after.

The automatic taper is built to last with features such as stainless steel side plates which prevent corrosion and increase its lifespan.

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