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6 Reasons to Use Automated Tools for Drywall Finishing

Since the first drywall taping tools were introduced in 1939, in Georgia, USA, manufacturers have taken a leap forward by developing more innovative drywall lining tools that are less labour intensive. Yet, there are still a large number of contractors that refuse to let go of traditional techniques and resist making the switch to automation.

If you are a drywall contractor or finisher, and are yet to use automatic taping and finishing tools, this article offers six compelling reasons that may just convince you otherwise.

  • Increase Efficiency

Drywalling is an impressive skill that only some have the ability to perform to a high standard. Transforming wall panels into paint-ready, smooth surfaces requires a great amount of labour and commitment. Automatic tools were not created to take away the satisfaction involved in such handy work but rather to reduce the amount of time spent on a project, which increases efficiency.

  • Reduce Man Hours

With greater efficiency comes greater business capacity. Automatic tools get the job done more quickly, so that your business can save on man hours.

Not only can automatic tools apply the compound and tape to a joint at the same time, they can also simultaneously finish both sides of the joint. You can therefore complete what would’ve been two separate tasks in one go. Imagine what double the productivity could mean for you in terms of profit, management and efficiency?

  • Increase Business Profits

It is important to consider that the initial cost of automatic tools is insignificant compared to the results they will return for your business in the long term. Less time spent on completing a labour intensive task means more time to spend on generating those all-important business leads.

  • Improve Safety

Safety should always be of the utmost importance to a contractor or finisher. Unfortunately, the reality is that accidents frequently occur when ladders and hand finishing tools are used to get to high, or hard to reach corners. This is one of the many reasons automatic tools were created.

Automatic dry lining tools can reach into the hard nooks and crannies of a wall surface, without the  need for high ladders or stilts, for the most part. This means fewer accidents are likely to occur, so you’ll have fewer business claims to deal with.

  • Consistently Produce High Quality Results

Like with any business, your performance is judged by the quality of your work. The best drywall finishers create the perfect finish by combining the mastery of manual methods with the speed you get from automation.

Imagine the quality a skilled hand finisher would be able to achieve if they combined their skills with automation? Taking the initiative to use automatic tools and train your finishers will not only provide the opportunity for professional development, it will also benefit overall workplace happiness!

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage

The biggest challenge any business can undergo is change, so as industries develop and new competitors emerge, it is crucial to keep up with the latest innovations.

Whether dry lining is part of your service, or is your entire business, using automatic taping tools will give you a competitive advantage over those still using hand finishing tools.