TapeTech 3” EasyRoll Adjustable Corner Finisher

Model: 48TT
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TapeTech 3” EasyRoll Adjustable Corner Finisher

TapeTech Corner Finishers are used to both embed tape and finish joints, producing a clean 90 degree internal corner with minimal effort.

Embedding - use after the Internal Corner Roller to wipe down excess jointing compound. This will embed the tape and smooth down both corner edges
Finishing - attach to a 7" (CA07TT) or 8" (CA08TT) Corner Applicator to apply joint compound to both sides of an internal corner simultaneously, using a larger Corner Finisher for each successive coat

- Spring loaded design helps compensate for imperfect corners
- New EasyRoll™ 3" Corner Finisher has rubber wheels to reduce drag and quickly adjustable spring tension
- Use with 43" fiberglass handle (FHTT) or 43"-76" extension handle (XHTT) (not included)

(Corner Finishers require the handle adapter (CFA-TT) for use with FHTT or XHTT handles)

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