TapeTech Extendable Support Tool Handle

Model: XHTT

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TapeTech Extendable Support Tool Handle

TapeTech is the first company to introduce an interchangeable handle system that allows one handle to be used with every TapeTech corner tool. The base handles fit any new style TapeTech Corner Roller, Corner Applicator or Nail Spotter without any adapters, and a simple adapter connects the new handles to the Corner Finisher*

Available in standard fiberglass (43") (FHTT) and extendable (43"-76") (XHTT) sizes

*The TapeTech new interchangeable handle system explained

Corner Rollers
All styles fit into new handles

Corner Applicators
New 7" (CA07TT) and 8" (CA08TT) models fit new handles
Older model Corner Applicators need a Corner Applicator Adapter (CAA-TT)

Corner Finishers
All Corner Finishers need a Corner Finisher Adapter (CFA-TT) to fit the new handles

Nail Spotters
New 2" (NS02TT) and 3" (NS03TT) Nail Spotters fit the new handles
Older model Nail Spotters need the Nail Spotter Adapter (NSA-TT) to fit the new handles

Adapters can be purchased separately to enable you to use your old model tools with the new handles.

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