Standard Taping Tool Kit

Model: StandardTapingKit

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Standard Taping Tool Kit

The StandardTaping Kit provides the essential tools to start automatic taping like a pro the StandardTaping Kit has everything you need for automatic taping and embedding of flat, butt and internal corner joints. The Set includes:

07TT AutoTaper
85T Gooseneck
76TT Loading Pump
15TTE Internal Corner Roller
48TT 3"" Corner Finisher
FHTT Corner Tool Handle
CFA-TT CF Handle Adapter


The TapeTech EasyClean Automatic Taper redefines quality, durability and value. The Taper simultaneously applies tape and the correct amount of joint compound for all drywall joints - dramatically improving taping efficiency. The TapeTech 85T Gooseneck Adapter is used with the 76TT loading pump to fill the automatic taper which features a heavy duty, durable design to provide years of service.

The TapeTech EasyClean features a slim tube design preferred by professional finishers for dependable and long life performance. The TapeTech EasyClean Loading Pump has a redesigned head and a new twist-lock foot valve that provides a secure attachment and easy removal for cleaning and maintenance, a paper gasket for the filler adapter or gooseneck is not required due to an integrated O-Ring that provides a terrific seal with fewer headaches from lost, worn or damaged paper gaskets.

The TapeTech Corner Roller quickly and accurately embeds the tape firmly into the internal corners of the drywall. Use the corner roller immediately after applying joint tape to the internal corner with the automatic taper. The corner roller forces excess joint compound out from behind the tape in preparation for the corner finisher.

The TapeTech EasyRoll Adjustable Corner Finisher is used to perfectly feather both joint compound edges of internal corners in one pass. The Corner Finishers can be used for wall-to-wall internal corners or wall-to-ceiling corners. The “adjustable” feature of this tool refers to the ability to control the amount of spring pressure by engaging or disengaging one set of tension springs on the back of the corner finisher.

Whether you use standard, fixed length fibreglass handles or aluminium extension support handles, you’ll need just one base handle.