TapeTech 10" High Capacity Finishing Box

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TapeTech 10" High Capacity Finishing Box

TapeTech High Capacity Finishing Boxes are used to finish taped joints, automatically dispensing the right amount of joint compound and feathering the edges in one pass.

High capacity finishing boxes are designed to hold the maximum amount of joint compound when you need it, on the first or second coat when you're filling the joint, without the unnecessary weight when you don?t need it, on the finish coat.

- Available in 10" and 12" sizes

- Holds up to 60% more jointing compound than a standard finishing boxe, keeping you on the wall for longer

- Adjustable crown setting dial allows you to quickly and easily adjust the amount of joint compound applied

- Pivoting axle helps you work on plasterboard when one side of the joint is higher than the other

- Hire with a standard or extendable finishing box handle (not included)

(Hire model may vary)

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